My Health and Beauty Checklist


Women are a beautiful creation of God and a woman’s body is incredible on how it works. A woman bleeds for 7 days and still not die. From menstruation to conceive a baby, we need different nutrients at different levels. Sexual health is a very important factor in every women’s life. The lifestyle that includes the dietary habits, culture, genetics, and environment all are having a massive effect on your sexual health.

By making changes in the lifestyle and dietary patterns you can make huge restorations of sexual health and to prevent the symptoms of PMS, mood swings during the menstruation and hot flushes during the menopause. Here are some tips for women sexual health that will help keep hormonal balances, reduces stress and symptoms of PMS and menopause.

1.STOP SMOKING: Nicotine, tobacco and carbon monoxide prevents the blood to carry nutrients to different body parts and thus makes you age faster. Immediately quit smoking as it has a very drastic effect on your health.

  1. DO NOT DRINK: Alcohol damages the liver and other vital organs. In severe cases, it may cause internal organ bleeding. Continuous drinking suppresses brain functions thus decrease the sexual desire, less sexual enjoyment and causes mood swings. It also affects the estrogen’s production in your body
  2. EAT HEALTHY: Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet plan. They contain fibers, vitamins, minerals and all the necessary nutrients that your body need for proper functioning. Fibrous diets help in reducing the swelling and tenderness of breast. Make sure that you are taking a big bowl of fresh salad every day in your meal.
  3. REDUCE DAIRY PRODUCTS: Reduce the consumption of dairy products for the same reason as the meat. Dairy products contain the high amount of animal fats, animal protein and synthetic bovine growth hormone (rBGH) especially in the pasteurized milk. All of these are liked to compromised breath health.
  4. STOP TAKING HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY: Stop taking the HRT because it is concerned with the serious side effects such as a headache, bloating, mood fluctuations, decreased sexual desire, stomach cramps, nervousness, dark skin patches, dark urine, and light colored stool. Make a decision on what you are taking. Treat your hormonal balances with a good diet and plant-based alternatives.
  5. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: Water helps in purifying your body by flushing out the toxins and prevent you from bloating.
  6. SLEEP: Take at least 8 hours of sound sleep every night before 11 pm because it is a time when the body starts detoxification.

All the women, be proud to be a woman and take care of your bodies. Don’t ignore your sexual health while doing other things. Take time for yourself. When your sexual health is good you will enjoy being a woman. Beauty lies within you.