Choosing The Purple Wedding Flowers For Your Special Day


There are many purple wedding flowers that brides choose for their special event, not to mention that they come in so many shades and beautiful combinations with other colors of blooms, that sometimes your choice can be very hard to decide upon. Before making the final call, you should get acquainted with these types of flowers and then make a wise pick on the ones to decorate your wedding décor and your bridal hands.

If you have decided on a specific color scheme that includes purple, say purple and yellow (which by the way seems by far the most beautiful one). Then you should know that you have many successful choices to opt from so don’t waste your time and read on to find out which purple wedding flowers are there for your special event:

* Lisianthus comes in various colors (white, pink, white and purple), but none of them compares to the choice of purple. When it is presented in its bud form, it can make a great opportunity for decorating the button holes of your male guest’s suits.

* The exotic Vanda, which is a purple orchid originating in Southeast Asia, comes a great choice for your bridal bouquet since many brides seem to love its delicate and yet so self-confident look. It can combine very well with other common flowers bringing the note of sophistication and making the floral arrangement look so exclusively unique in its appearance.

* Freesias also come in a variety of colors and combination of colors. Although they are quite common, they have this special look that makes them very favored in the range of would-be brides as they give the floral arrangement a fresh and exotic design.